When You Support the Blue But Have to Say Four Months of HPD Silence is Enough


A response to the complaint by Sgt Stewart of HPD. An hr long call ends with a promise to call with an update on Wednesday or Thursday.

Monday, 9 Jan, 2023: Re Phone Call from 1.28pm for 1 hr 5 mins.

The phone call discussion included Sgt Stewart talking about “the very specific” statute requirements for “unauthorized doctor practice”.

I questioned what statute he was referring to and the reply was “Texas OccupationsCode 165“.

In this regard, Sgt Stewart asked what the imposter Doctor did on his visits, and the conversation focused on ‘Dr. Aguilar’ pulling down my jockey shorts but not exposing or touching the genital area – which was a direct question by Sgt Stewart – there was no sexual misconduct involved. I also informed Sgt Stewart that he used his stethoscope and when pressed for what reason, I said as a patient and not a doctor, I would suggest he was checking my breathing and lungs to see if he could determine if there was a blockage and why I could not keep my food or IV drip down.

Furthermore, I responded with the fact that Tex. Pen. Code § 42.072 for Stalking also applied to this investigation, as imposter Doctor Aguilar visited my room on more than one occasion and indeed that is what the complaint was labeled as by Officer Brown in Kingwood, “Stalking”.

There was a lengthy conversation about the video surveillance footage and it was agreed that HPD could recover the same by subpoena if necessary but Sgt. Stewart would make every effort to obtain or at least view the video footage and see if the imposter doctor as described in my complaint was seen entering my room on two mornings or whether, as claimed by HCA in their invalid Jane or John Doe reply letter, I was confused, despite all my health records and doctor/nurse notes stating I was quite the opposite when doctors visited my room – I was alert and lucid.

In short, as falsely claimed by HCA Healthcare, the alleged Dr Agrawal was NOT the doctor who visited me and the video would confirm this fact.

As I explained to Sgt Stewart, I disavowed that response by HCA Healthcare in my written reply, which stated if it was Dr. Agrawal or an unnamed “resident doctor”, then he or she would be seen on the video entering my room twice, and not the Imposter Doctor known as Dr Aguilar, described in my complaints and sworn affidavit.

HCA Healthcare Kingwood blanked this request in their final curt and legally invalid John or Jane Doe letter as they know it was not Dr. Agrawal or an unnamed “resident doctor”.

There was also mention of the video evidence being destroyed after so many months but I quickly confirmed that HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood were under official notice via legal spoilation letters and my ongoing civil litigation that the video evidence could not be destroyed or overwritten.

After 4 months waiting for HPD to Investigate the Stalking Complaint re Imposter Doctor and being met with Silence, it’s Time to Make an Official Complaint

Originally Published:  Dec 27, 2022 | Republished: Dec 27, 2022

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