Timeline of Visits by Kingwood Hospital Doctors with Commentary by Mark Burke


‘Imposter’ Doctor Appearance after Transfer from ER to South Tower, Room 376 by ‘Dr. Aguilar’

Wednesday, 8/10/2022 7:07 AM (APPX)

After spending overnight in the freezing ER on an IV which ran out during the evening, I asked for and received a refill in the early morning during shift change. I asked the nurse how long an IV lasted and he said, ‘however long you want’. He increased the rate to last one hour or so.

That was not a good choice, as my stomach started to turn, (rejecting IV treatment) – meaning I was about to experience excrutiating abdominal pains, as I was at the early cramping stages.

An aide arrived and I was whisked away in a wheelchair to the hospital bed assigned, room 376, South Tower.

No sooner than I arrived, then Dr. Aguilar appeared for the first time. He announced himself as the lead Doctor. I told him I was feeling discomfort and then he fired a battery of questions before performing a hands on body/abdomen exam. All the while, this heavy accented Latin American “Doctor” came across very relaxed and seemingly in full control, as he knew every intimate detail of my medical situation. He left stating he would return tomorrow with further updates. At this time I had no idea he was a fake doctor.

‘Second’ Doctor Appearance after Transfer from ER to South Tower, Room 376 by Student Dr. Mike Wong – Gastroenterology Consult note

Wednesday, 8/10/2022 7:27 AM

A very young student Doctor, Mike Wong appeared very soon after Dr Aguilar and effectively mirrored the actions of Dr Aguilar, right down to the body assessment, the only difference is Aguilar opened my shirt and pulled down my briefs slightly to see more of the abdomen, and was working directly on my body. Wong said he would return with his “boss” in 30 mins to an hr.

When Dr Chung and Dr Wong appeared, there was another doctor or assistant in tow. I explained that I was feeling discomfort in the abdomen but they rolled over that and went straight into the general run-down of my illness, data and required scans.

I stated that I would have to keep on a water diet if they wanted these scans immediately as I could not hold down food and it results in unbearable stomach pains. They said that was fine.

I stated that my GP had reasoned I needed ER care because I had not eaten and that was a priority. Dr Chung was unfazed, and said maintaining a water-only diet would be fine. In short form, he was very unconcerned that I had not eaten in a week. They were only interested in blood analysis and scans, not my immediate need to eat and drink without issue.

My deterioration in health after they left was rapid, and I was agony shortly thereafter. The events of what happened when the new floor nurses took over is documented separately.

‘Imposter’ Doctor’s 2nd Day Appearance

Thursday, 8/11/2022 7:30 AM (APPX)

Dr Aguilar appeared as I was just exiting the bathroom and announced,  “Good morning Mr Burke, do you remember me?” to which I replied, “Yes, you are Dr. Aguilar”, to which he replied, “That is correct, I am Dr Aguilar”. He sat on the chair at the window and I sat on the edge of the bottom of the bed directly facing him. We entered into a Q and A session, discussing my health and test status and agreed tomorrow, Friday would yield the important results (after MRCP scan). He then left.

Student Dr. Mike Wong appears Thursday morning – Gastroenterology Consult note

Thursday, 8/11/2022 7:49 AM

Dr Mike Wong appeared shortly after the Imposter Doctor’s second consecutive appearance.

He explained that my stats had peaked but it looked as though they were now trending down. That stated, a biopsy may be required but that Dr Chung would decide if that was necessary. He also stated they wanted to do a MRCP that day.

Dr Chung et al would arrive later that morning and Chung explained he did not believe a biopsy was necessary and that they would track the stats via bloodwork to monitor the down trend.

He also stated he wanted a MRCP to investigate my medical condition further.

I agreed but I was very concerned I had not eaten and my weight was dropping rapidly. I expressed that concern and said in order to do the MRCP, I would have to stay on a water only regimen. I asked if my condition would sustain keeping this up to which Chung replied, “You’re not going to die if that’s what you are asking”.

Feeling pressured and helpless, I agreed to the MRCP and the continued water regimen that day. They left and I would be taken down for the scan later that day.

Dr. Ehsan Sana – Hospital Progress note

Thursday, 8/11/2022 9:29 AM

Dr Sana appeared in my room for the second time since arrival and I was very abrupt with her, on the basis I had Dr Aguilar (and Dr Chungs’ team) addressing my medical needs. I felt her arrival was not necessary and asked her to leave.

As her notes confirm; “pt states that he is talking to his own doctor dr aguilar today. I looked up her chart,not able to see any note from physician named dr aguilar. Pt is AAO times 3.”

‘Imposter’ Doctor is a No Show on Friday

Friday, 8/12/2022 —

Friday was the all important test results day and I hardly slept thinking about the pending results. I was very surprised that Dr Aguilar did not appear.

Student Dr. Mike Wong appears much later on Friday Morning – Gastroenterology Consult note

Friday, 8/12/2022 9:01 AM

Friday was the all important test results day, and I was alarmed that Dr Aguilar had not arrived and Dr Wong was much later than usual.

Wong explained that the MRCP has failed to yield any additional explanation as to my illness, and they (Dr Chung et al) were going to analyze more of my blood work taken overnight and that morning for more insight. He did indicate that other parts of my abdomen could be the cause for my rejection of food, gatorade and IV’s to date, but that Dr Chung would explain the further invasive tests that would be required.

I challenged Wong as to why Dr Aguilar was a ‘no show’, he was late, and the results of the many scans and blood tests left me without any solutions, but rather further invasive medical tests.

I was shocked by the fact I had been on water throughout my stay, in particular, so that the scans could be completed in a timely manner so I could get a solution, which was not forthcoming.

I stated it was very noticeable that on my results day, which were a blowout, Aguilar had elected to disappear, after billing his $500 (or whatever) consulting fee for the last two days. Wong didn’t know how to answer, presumably as a student, and said he would return with his “boss”, Dr Chung later that day.

The Eviction Team Arrive at Midday – Hospital Progress note

Friday, 8/12/2022 12:05 PM

About midday, Dr Chung arrived with Dr Wong, and the same other doctor/assistant. There was a fourth Doctor, who I assume is Dr Mowla, listed on the care team.

Indeed, it is Dr Mowla who authored the midday Friday report, despite being a bystander.

The report is false and inaccurate. It states I am “in the bathroom vomiting”.

That is untrue. I was not vomiting and did not feel like vomiting. Nor was I in the bathroom.

It goes on to state “VTE prophylaxis initiated: yes.”

That is also untrue.

Returning to the visit itself, Dr Chung confirmed there was nothing in the many scans and MRCP that would aid them in resolving of my medical issues. He then went onto say he suggested I exit the hospital forthwith as an outpatient, and see one of his recommended Doctors downtown (610 area) to have the recommended ERCP and EUS procedures.

I was not at all pleased with this bum’s rush eviction. I made the following statements to all 4 witnesses standing in front of my bed:

First, I questioned why Dr Aguilar was a no show this morning. They thought I was meaning Dr Agrawal, a known Doctor but I said no, it is Dr Aguilar, the lead doctor, and he’s been at my bedside before Dr Wong on Wednesday and Thursday but now he’s conveniently absent today.

Dr Chung stated he was the lead doctor and they were unfamiliar with any Dr Aguilar, but certainly Chung was my main treating physician.

That raised red flags for me. Who was this mysterious Doctor?

I stated that I was unhappy with the state of play, that I had presented myself for every single blood test and scan imaginable during my short stay and all the while, only able to drink water.

It appeared now Chung et al had exhausted all the options I was being turfed out, despite the fact I haven’t eaten, I am weak and very concerned if I leave without fixing the issue I will be in acute pain again and unable to eat.

Chung stated he could arrange for a doctor to be available for the ERCP and EUS procedure for Monday, but was hesitant, as that would be the soonest possible time, as hospital beds are kept for emergency treatments over the weekend and you’d have to stay here over the weekend.

I said that is fine, you can keep checking my stats are trending down for that 48 hr period.

I stated that despite these known urgent medical issues, at no time was my weight loss addressed nor a diet plan invoked. I asserted I was shocked at the lack of concern by Chung, et al as to me living off water only, especially since my GP had expressed disbelief that I had not eaten in a week or so and had recommended I immediately head to ER, advice I followed.

Remember, I had pushed to be put on an IV by the ER staff, which they eventually did, but which my body would also reject that same day.

That seemed to irk the doctors more, and they pushed again for me to leave as an outpatient.

I asked that I be at least given a test meal, so I could see if the food would pass without blocking and creating the agonizing abdominal pain, which they begrudgingly agreed to do so, on the basis I go with Dr Chungs’ recommended outpatient colleague.

Dr Chung said he’d arrange for a lunch tray and they’d review my situation later on that day. I expressed doubt that timeline would be sufficient and would suggest an overnight test would be better.

Also, during this conversation, I expressed doubt at going to a doctor so far away from my residence in Kingwood, as I am a registered carer and responsible for my disabled parents. I advised my father had fallen at home and 911 had to be called to assist while I was here in hospital.

Chung repeated his only recommendation, go home as an outpatient and he’d arrange for me to see his colleague.

I questioned once again, despite Dr Chungs earlier assurance that the hospital would provide a doctor on Monday morning, that there must be a physician in this hospital who can perform a test with a tube and a camera attached, to which Chung replied, “I can do that, but the test you are having is ERCP and EUS and requires a specialist, but that I (Chung) am not qualified to do so.”

I rephrased the question, asking if there was any qualified doctor in this hospital who could perform this procedure. He said he’d review and they left.

During their visit, Devon Alexander appeared. I asked her about Dr Aguilar and she said she would investigate.  A couple of hours later I called her office phone and reminded her to find out who this Doctor is and she assured me she would do so. I never heard back from her prior to my self-discharge on Saturday morning.

Around the same time my nurse texted Dr Mike Wong with a message from me, I wanted to stay over the weekend and could they arrange for the new Doctor to prepare for surgery on Monday.

While waiting,  I was provided 2 meals, a lunch tray and a dinner tray. At around 8.30pm my nurse came in with the phone on speaker and said Dr Chung wanted to talk to me.

Doctor Referral by Chung

I anticipated Dr Chung would renege on the Monday surgery and he did, claiming the doctor was out all of next week at another hospital. He then returned to selling his colleague in 610’s services, as an outpatient.

There was an animated debate between myself and Chung and he ultimately decided that I was a problem and a transfer to another facility was the only option and hung up.

Overnight I pondered the events of my stay and the options available. Before 7am on Saturday, I self-checked out and headed home in an Uber.

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