Spoilation Letter to HCA Kingwood

The Imposter Doctor Investigation Begins.

John Corbeil
Chief Executive Officer
HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood
22999 US Hwy 59 N
Kingwood, TX, 77339

August 14, 2022

Spoilation Letter


Mark Burke (“MB”), with date of birth [redacted], was a resident of the hospital ER on Tuesday 9th August, 2022. MB was removed to the general ward, South Tower, Room No. 367 on the morning of Wednesday, 10th August. He stayed there until self-discharging on or around 0700 hrs on Saturday, 13th August, 2022.


MB is specifically seeking preservation of all video footage, audio, and photographs internal and external (car parks and lobby pickup points) for the tower and surrounding areas, as well as any and all areas which could provide access to, and from Room 376 during the above specified period.

Facts Leading to this Letter and Request

The reason for this request is two-fold. On Saturday, 13th August, around 4pm a Police Report was filed at Kingwood Police Station to investigate the “Imposter Doctor”, Dr. Aguilar (“Dr. A”) who falsely impersonated to MB he was the lead doctor in his case. That is a criminal offence and MB has commenced those proceedings by filing of the Police Report.

Nurses Welcome

The Room Huddle, Aug. 10, 2022


During his first visit on Wednesday, at Room 376 and where he put his hands on MB to personally inspect his abdomen and body. At all times during this meeting, he held a notepad and pen, making notes, and knew every detail of MB’s hospital history from admittance to moving to Room 376.


Dr. A would return on Thursday morning, on both occasions just prior to Dr Mike Wong’s first (solo) attendance. On the important ‘results day’, Friday, Dr. A. never showed.


On Friday, MB notified the GI Doctors, Mike Wong and Randy Chung, et al of this fact and immediately Dr. Chung denied knowing a Dr. Aguilar and that he was the lead doctor in MB’s case. This instantly alarmed MB as to his immediate and future personal safety, the fact this imposter doctor put his hands on MB to perform a ‘medical assessment’, was alone with MB in a room for an extended period, as well as the privacy breach of MB’s intimate hospital records by Dr. A.


On Saturday, after discharge, MB registered with the hospital CRM, MyHealthOne to access his medical data for this recent stay. MB checked the list of doctors assigned to MB’s care and nowhere was there a Dr. A. This confirmed MB’s suspicions that Dr. A was impersonating a doctor, for reasons unknown, but extremely terrifying.

These are the important facts leading to this spoilation letter. Please note that your failure to preserve any of this evidence may be used against you in any civil proceeding and may result in a spoliation instruction.


Mark Burke

Copy via email to:  Devon.Alexander@HCAHoustonHealthCare.com

Email Sent to Devon Alexander at 11.36 pm, Sunday, 14 Aug., 2022

Dear Ms Alexander

I refer to my horrific stay at your facility.

You should remember I discussed the imposter Doctor Aguilar directly with you when you attended my room on your own volition on Friday morning.

I even called you on your office number to remind you, spoke with you directly, and you said you would look into it.

Thereafter, no return visit or call was made on Friday, prior to my self-checkout on Saturday morning.

I now attach a copy of my Spoilation Letter which is self explanatory for your perusal and attention.


Mark Burke

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