Spoilation Letter II to HCA Kingwood

HCA Kingwood Hospital froze my father to death.

John Corbeil
Chief Executive Officer
HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood
22999 US Hwy 59 N
Kingwood, TX, 77339

Sep 26, 2022

Spoilation Letter II, In re: John Burke and Joanna Burke


Mark Burke (“MB”), with date of birth [redacted], was a resident of the hospital ER on Tuesday 9th August, 2022. MB was removed to the general ward, South Tower, Room No. 367 on the morning of Wednesday, 10th August. He stayed there until self-discharging on or around 0700 hrs on Saturday, 13th August, 2022.


MB is specifically seeking preservation of all video footage, audio, and photographs internal and external (car parks and lobby pickup points) for the tower and surrounding areas, as well as any and all areas which could provide access to, and from Room 376 during the above specified period.

Facts Leading to this Letter and Request

The reason for this request is my elderly parents were ‘visitors’ at both the ER and when I was removed to Room 376.

ER Admission Took All Evening

My parents were at the ER from early evening until I was finally admitted to a temporary room in ER around midnight and they didn’t get home until the early morning hours and were back at Room 376 early the next morning.

The Rooms Were Too Cold

Both my parents and I were ‘frozen’ during our time in your hospital and the thermostats in the rooms were fixed, you could not adjust the temperature. The video footage will confirm the movements of my parents during the visit to my room, including my parents going to a restaurant and my father standing outside the hospital building to try and ‘defrost’.

Nurses and Security Threatened to Evict Me and My Parents

It is safe to say that both HCA Kingwood hospital video footage, combined with  the video recording I have from my iPhone, will provide the necessary visual aids and confirm the appalling events that led to my parents not wanting to leave my side, due to the abuses we all received at the hands of your ‘nursing’ staff and security after my transfer to Room 376. That horrific experience accelerated their ‘coldness’, as they stayed far longer at my side and in the hospital as a result of the unfounded attacks by your staff.

Nurses Welcome

The Room Huddle, Aug. 10, 2022

My Father Died as a Result of Visiting Me in Hospital

After I left the hospital (self-checkout) on Saturday and returned home via an Uber, where I care for my elder parents, it was clear that both were suffering from cold/pneumonia type symptoms. As a result, my parents were determined by paramedics to have ‘abnormal’ medical readings. My mother managed to slowly recover, but my father’s health declined rapidly.

I had to call 911, and refused to allow the attending paramedics to take him to your hospital, despite their attempts to redirect him to HCA Kingwood. He was admitted to Humble Memorial ER, transferred to ICU and died on Sep. 4, 2022, leaving his wife of 64 years completely devastated. She blames your Hospital for killing her husband, and I agree. We are mourning his loss every day and it is without question, he died because of his visit to Kingwood HCA.


These are the important facts leading to this spoilation letter. Please note that your failure to preserve any of this evidence may be used against you in any civil proceeding and may result in a spoliation instruction.


Mark Burke

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