Post Self-Discharge Medical Delays

Kingwood Hospital blanks Mark Burke after self-discharge.

Message Sent to GP via AthenaHealth Portal

Question about my health
Mark Burke

Hi Dr. Hoang

I want to confirm:

1. I went to ER same day after your appt. I gave them permission to send you my file and updates, are you receiving them?

2. I self-checked out at 7am on Saturday as I was not getting the treatment required.

3. I was on 2 medications which the docs said I could get by prescription as an out-patient, can you order those? I am unable to see the medication names on my notes from Kingwood Hospital.

4 …Can I do weekly blood draws…?

Thank you.
Mark Burke

Follow-up Call to GP Office Directly on Wednesday, 17 Aug, 2022

A follow up call resulted in the office responding later that day to say Kingwood Hospital had released no information to my GP, despite me specifically approving the release of information during my stay at Kingwood Hospital.

They said I would need to make an appointment with the Doctor but I declined as I needed to find out what the medications were before visiting the office.

Message sent to Kingwood Hospital via MyHealthOne Portal on Wednesday, 17 August, 2022

I need to know the two medications i was taking via IV and which can be taken as an out patient. I have scoured the records here but the medications I was taking are not listed. I need it for my GP Doctor appointment. Thanks, Mark Burke

There has been no response to this request.

No Sooner than When I Hit Publish, there’s a Response Message from MyHealthOne.

12:35PM AUG. 19, 2022

Hello, Mark!

Thank you for contacting MyHealthONE technical support! We understand how important it is for you to have this information. Medications received during treatment can sometimes be found in the ER Physician Note or Discharge Summary. If they are not listed, they would need to be requested from the hospital. We are the technical support for MyHealthONE and do not have access to medical records. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We would recommend contacting the Medical Records department of HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood to request this information. Their phone number is: 281-348-8181.

Most hospitals offer the medical records release form online so that you can fill the request out and mail or fax it into the department. From your hospital’s main website look for the Patients & Visitors option, then look for an option labeled Medical Records. On the Medical Records screen follow the instructions for “Paper Copy of Medical Records.?

We would be happy to assist you in any way possible. You can reach us at (855) 422-6625.

Thank you for reaching out, and have a great day!


MyHealthONE Support

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